About us

Suparna Chemicals Ltd., an ISO 9001:2008 company is a leading producer of specialty chemicals with a focus on sodium and potassium alkoxides. Suparna specializes in innovation and product development and its R&D facility is certified by the Government of India. Suparna supplies its products to pharmaceutical, agrochemical and coating industries from a newly constructed modern plant. All alkoxide products are available in customized concentrations, solvents and packings.

Suparna also manufactures sodium potassium alloy (NaK) in DOT-approved cylinders, potassium metal, potassium superoxide(KO2), ketonic resins and speciality plasticizers.

Suparna’s potassium superoxide based closed circuit breathing apparatus (SCSR) is used extensively in Indian coal mines.


Strive to be industry leader based on

  • Knowledge Management.
  • Research Orientation.
  • Quality Consciousness.
  • Good Environment, Health and Safety practices.


  • Suparna Chemicals was founded by Mr. R.N. Mandal, Chemical Engineer, I.I.T. Kharagpur.
  • Suparna Chemicals was formally incorporated in 1980.


2008 : Commence production at New Site

2004 : Commercial production of SCSR

2000 : Commercial production of Alkoxides

1994 : Commercial production of NaK & KO2

1993 : Exports to Europe & Australia

1987 : Approved Supplier to Indian Defense

1985 : R&D Facility for Product Development

1980 : Commercialization of Speciality Plasticizers

1976 : Commercialization of Synthetic Ketonic Resin